Pilates for Injury Reduction

The Pilates Method focuses on developing body awareness so that you're always moving in optimal postural alignment.  Any athlete, whether professional or recreational, can increase power and minimize risk of injury with Pilates training.  Most sports have a "movement bias," meaning that you perform repetitive motions that are sport-specific, resulting in muscular imbalances.  However, Pilates is considered a neutral activity.  This means that Pilates helps to create muscle symmetry in multiple planes of movement in a safe and controlled way, making you less susceptible to injury.

After performing a thorough movement analysis and fitness assessment, I'll create a customized program for your individual needs.  We'll work together to meet your specific goals and develop strong, adaptable muscles and balanced, healthy joints to allow you to move better and with less risk of injury.  Workouts are relaxing, revitalizing, fun, and healing!