How Pilates Can Help Your Golf Swing

Golfers such as Tiger Woods, Phil Mickelson, and Annika Sorenstam have all turned to Pilates to keep their bodies in balance and improve performance on the course.  So, why is Pilates an integral part to their training program?  Let’s take a look at a couple of common errors made with the swing and how Pilates can help to correct them.

1.     Inefficient rotation of your spine

Allowing the rotation in your spine to come from your low back and not your mid/upper back will not only kill your power but also set you up for major low back injury and pain.  In a safe and efficient swing, you should stabilize at the lumbo-pelvic region as you allow the rotation to occur above your waist. Pilates is known not only for increasing core strength, but also for increasing flexibility.  While you’re gaining core strength and mid back flexibility, Katie will work with you to change the movement pattern of your swing to increase power, efficiency, and safety. 

2.     Allowing excessive wear and tear on your knees

Tight hips are often a cause of increased stress on the knees.  Because tight hips aren’t able to rotate adequately, the knee is torqued in a way that places greater stress on one side of the knee, causing excessive wear and tear. Pilates works to not only increase hip mobility, but to do so from a stable and strong core to keep you safe.

 Additionally, lacking strength in the muscles crossing the knee joint prevents the golfer from stabilizing sufficiently. Strengthening muscles surrounding the knee are done in optimal alignment and help to train your muscles to perform best when aligned correctly.  Katie looks not only at how well your knee joint moves, but also how well your knee is aligned with your ankle, hip, and all the way up the chain.

At Therapeutic Pilates, LLC, all new clients receive a thorough movement analysis and fitness assessment to identify your specific weaknesses.  From your assessment, an individualized Pilates program is created to address these weaknesses, neutralize the effects of golf, and help you have a strong and safe season on the golf course.


Katie Langley, PT, PMA-CPT