Is It Time For Your New Fall Routine?

I’ve recently had several clients say they’re “past ready” for Fall so that they can get back into a routine.  Most of us thrive on a schedule - we simply feel more in control and productive when we have a game plan for all the demands of our day.

What about you? Does your Fall routine have you feeling energized and whole, or like you’re burning the wick at both ends?  Are you always rushed?  Does your body ache and feel exhausted?  Will you ever feel “caught up”?  When will you have time to exercise? 

Anyone who’s lived the “too busy all the time” lifestyle can tell you that it’s MISERABLE.  It’s like being a prisoner of your own design, or perhaps, lack of design!  And quite honestly, it’s just not healthy.

So what’s the answer?  There are only so many hours in each day.  There’s only one you.  And, despite what it may seem, you are the only one who can choose to use your hours differently.  Making the decision to be less busy is a good start, but unless there’s action on the decision, little will change.

One suggestion is to become clear about your priorities and creative with your to-do list.  

What do you value most, and does your daily experience reflect those values?  For example, if you value being productive at work, as well as being a loving, present, and patient person, what’s getting in the way?  If being over-scheduled is a problem, which responsibilities can you delegate or release?  When we make conscious choices about our schedule, based on what’s most important to us, we empower ourselves for success. 

Given our many responsibilities, so many of us feel like we’re doing a continual balancing act.  The good news is, we don’t have to do this alone!  One wise strategy for lowering stress and increasing productivity is to create a mutually supportive tribe to cheer each other on and share the load.  For example, by finding other mothers to share carpool responsibilities we might have 45 minutes to exercise or do Bible study.  By being in a group that has healthy boundaries, we realize we can stop trying to please everyone.  By creating a group challenge to put a daily time limit on social media use, we gain time to invest in ourself and our health.

In my private practice, Therapeutic Pilates, LLC, I encourage clients to prioritize their own health.  You’ll be amazed at how empowering and rejuvenating it can be when you set aside time exclusively to enhance your own wellbeing by learning strategies to move better.  I love helping my clients live a healthy, active life so they can climb mountains, whether they’re figurative or literal.

So, this Fall when you find yourself in an “always busy” routine, PAUSE.  Are you truly taking care of yourself when you’re  ALWAYS busy?  

septmeber business woman to-do list 2.jpg